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Aliens & UFOs

creepyheadThe subject of importance reaches its prime when discussing aliens & ufos; in the opinion of U.E. atleast. Religious tie ins, the origin of man-kind, and science right down to its core come in to play when discussing the topic.

For thousands of years man has looked to the skies for answers and has documented various sightings. In the beginning it was early cave paintings and today they are disputed photographs and video clips.

Aliens & UFOs are nearly impossible to track however the research can be quite extensive. This subject hits hard for many, leading some to believe in government coverup and propaganda schemes and others feeling the subject is totally bogus and there are no such thing as aliens. In this section you will be able to research any of the information available to the public and talk about your past experiences. If you are looking for information on UFO's and Aliens, or in search of a pictures or video, U.E. has got it.