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Some incredible pictures and videos of the heavens.

Big Bang & Beyond
Information and thoughts on the origion of our universe.

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Information on places found interesting in our universe.

Astral Travel & Dimensions
Theory of multi-dimensions & astral travelling here.

Black Holes & Time Travel
Theories behind black holes and travelling through time.

Future of space travel
Ever think about travelling through time or across the galaxy?

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creepyheadThe exploration of space, time travel, dimensions, and out of body experiences may just hold the key in answering all of the fields listed in U.E. and much more. The ever burning drive to know everything there is has pushed man kind to the outer limits. Being that the size of our universe is millions of times the ratio of a grain of sand next to Jupitor man kind remains simply bewildered. Is mass the true element or is it conciousness?

Read about upcoming events, theories, and general information on exploring space in this section. Remember, we want your input, so voice your opinion. You may just be the next Steven Hawking.