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Ghosts & Paranormal

creepyheadGhosts and the paranormal is possibly the most widely talked about and investigated subject found within Unknown Explorers; and with good reason. Just the thought that everything we say and do could potentially be being watched by not just god, but by spirits in our own realm as well. With stronger evidence that "something" is taking place nearly every year, many scientists still dismiss these claims as being bogus.

Unknown Explorers strives to bring the truth forward in all fields of research and provides one of the biggest overall databases worth of ghost stories and hauntings found on the internet. Members of the U.E. family continuously embark on paranormal investigations and documentations, hoping to catch that one bit of evidence that no one can deny.

Answering the big question in this field can blow science and religious thoughts wide open, and that is exactly what we are after. We know the stuff is out there, and we are out to proove it; and along the way we are sure to debunk quite a few claims and point out the fakes. Take a look at the bigger picture and check out what Unknown Explorers has to offer.