Once in a lifetime...

You see it all the time on the television set; people claiming they saw an odd creature in the woods or on the side of a rural highway. I am one of those people, only my story is a little bit different. Typically, most sightings only last for a few quick seconds before the creature disappears in the brush or the person breaks down into hysteria.

This is why my story is a true once in a lifetime event. It wasn’t until the last couple of years where I realized what I had seen. I consider myself a very down to earth individual with fairly conservative believes and views and I always try to be a strait shooter when it comes to the truth.

I was about 14 years old and living at our new house in Dartmouth, Massachusetts. We had just recently moved out of the city and into our old colonial style cottage that happened to be one of the oldest houses in the town. It was a corner lot that was set back a good fifty yards from the two connecting streets. When you’re younger you take a lot of things for granted, but it was quite the New England setting. To cap it all off there was a patch of forest about the length of a few football fields right in our back yard that separated us from the town cemetery.

I did what every other 14 year old kid did at the time, and that was exploring. It was starting to become a daily routine for me to walk out into the woods behind my house and investigate what was back there. At times I would bring my bee-bee gun and shoot at birds out by a pond that was in the forest and other times I would just stroll through and attempt at making better paths.

This went on for the first few weeks and life was completely normal. I had created a good path that cut clear through the woods into the cemetery that was behind our house to make for easier access to the town. It was much easier to go through the woods then walk down the roadway in the cemetery to get to Elm Street which led to the Padenerium Harbor then it was to ride my bike street for street all the way down there.

By now you are probably laughing. I lived in one of the oldest houses in one of the oldest towns in America that was right near a cemetery that was bordered by “Elm Street”. The only problem is, this isn’t a ghost story or a Hollywood horror film. This is all about a cryptozoology encounter.

One afternoon I had wandered into the patch of woods and popped out into the cemetery for no reason that I can remember other then having fun and that is when I saw it. There was a small trash pile about 15 feet or so high that was set back in the corner of the cemetery beside the roadway. It was covered in pine needles and it was really not an eye soar. The area was kept fairly well by the workers I had assumed but this time there was something out of place.

I was about 20 feet out into the actual cemetery once I exited the forest and the tall grass and I had looked over where the circular heap was that I was used to passing. The only difference was what I saw rummaging through the pile.

My first view was of its back side. It looked like some kind of kangaroo digging through the trash in a very intelligent way. It seemed so oddly out of place because it was literally tossing items over its shoulder like a kid digging through their toys from a giant chest.

From the rear, it looked exactly like a kangaroo. I was awe struck and couldn’t believe it. It had short, course, tan colored fur and a fairly thick tail. The color of the fur was a bit darker up its back and its hind legs were hinged just like a kangaroos would be.

The next thing I knew it had turned around and it was looking right at me. As I type this I get chills just thinking about it because I will never forget the intellectual look it gave me with its large black eyes. They were like large coals with a film of dark red over them. They were definitely black but they had a red tint like gloss as a coating. I realized it wasn’t a kangaroo at this point but it wasn’t just the eyes that made me determine that. It had a snout like a dog all the way down to its nose.

I never once saw it open its mouth to the point where I could see its teeth but I could tell that it had some large K-9 like bite to it just from the side of its lip being stuck up a bit on one side.

It stared me down for about 3 or 4 seconds in a position where its legs and body were still pointed at the trash pile and it was leaning over, but its torso was twisted so it could look back at me. It then turned around completely, got up on its hind legs, and hop-walked away from me by crossing the road and going into the patch of woods I had came from, just down the road a bit.

Its hop was unnatural. That is all I can say. Its movement was unlike any creature I have ever seen, including a kangaroo. It didn’t just hop, it kind of wobble-walked, which makes it very difficult to explain. Something else I noticed was that it kept its vision on me the entire time it was making its exit. Like an intelligent creature it stared me down while it walked away and I couldn’t believe this. Typically any animal that is startled such as a deer will take off in any direction with its head forward in the direction it is going.

For whatever reason, I was not scared that much at all. Awe struck, I was and I didn’t move a muscle nearly the entire time. The creature was close to my size making it somewhere between 4 and 5 feet tall and it wasn’t until the point where I nearly completely lost vision of it that I finally moved.

As it crossed the road and went into the woods I started to jog a bit out into the cemetery road way so I could see the patch of forest it was entering. Only 10 seconds or so after it had gone into the woods I ran right over to where it had entered but there was no trace of it what so ever.

It wasn’t until recent where I really thought about this part. At the time for whatever reason I didn’t make it a big deal over how the thing basically vanished from site. Now when I look back I think to myself, did this thing literally vanish? If it didn’t, it scaled a tree or hid behind one in a matter of moments in a very silent and intelligent way.

I went back home, now just a little bit fearful of what had happened and went and told my mother and brother. They went outside, crossed through the woods and went out into the cemetery where I had been and looked for a couple of minutes and saw nothing.

A couple of days later, I remember going down the street and knocking on the door of the Sousa’s which were the grandparent’s of a kid about my age. I briefly mentioned something to Mr. Sousa while I was at the door regarding what I saw and he said his grandson recently said he saw something too. The grandson came to the door just as Mr. Sousa was telling me this and he added to it by saying “yea I know what you are talking about the thing with the big tail that looks like a kangaroo.”

His grandfather basically dismissed it as foolishness and we never really spoke of it again. I always knew I saw something out of place and out of the ordinary that I could probably never accurately explain to someone with them believing me, but the thing is I did.

From research on the internet and from watching numerous shows regarding cryptozoology I realize what I saw was a chupacabra, or some version of it. Other stories are out there of very similar nature describing a half dog half kangaroo like creature and any time I hear someone’s story that is similar to mine it just further verifies what I saw was real and gives me the goose-bumps.

The difference was, this wasn’t a sighting, it was a close encounter, and it took place in Massachusetts, unlike most stories involving the chupacabra. Many cryptozoologists dedicate their lives in finding something or just seeing something like I did that day, only most don’t get to say that they did. What I had was an amazing event take place in my life in which I don’t take for granted. And what it inspired was, this entire sector of Unknown Explorers.