The Passion of UE

 by Jay Correia

Unknown Explorers is a passion. Most people know of the term “passion” but fewer are really able to relate its core meaning to life and society. Unknown Explorers is pushed and driven by this term, and with it, there is no turning back.

When searching for the unknown, having the drive not to quit is inevitable and passion is what pushes this. The reason for Unknown Explorers is quite simple. The unknown to us is simply fantastic. Since the beginning of time events have taken place that are unexplainable and often times denounced by the general public.

To simply assume that every event during the course of time, regardless of its category can be explained away is foolish by any logical thought process. Though many sightings, events, and topics can be explained away, there is always the small percentage that remains unidentified or unknown. This is exactly why those very words “unidentified” and “unknown” are in our dictionary. They exist.

Unknown Explorers pushes forward on a quest for knowledge. What can quench the drive to learn more then discovering something that is not yet known? All other knowledge can be obtained in a book, on the internet, or by science, but the unknown remains as the element still left out of the equation.

Through the course of time our world has seen many great explorers. Let’s not forget that to even conceive the idea that the world was round was heresy and laughable at one stage in our existence.

We live, mature, learn, and grow, as individuals, and as man kind in general. Unknown Explorers believes that these categories of the unexplained and unknown can answer some core elemental questions about our very existence and better fill in the blanks about our world in general.

Our team is our community, and our community is made up of passionate people with deep thought and understanding. No, we aren’t crazy, and we will logically approach and attempt to debunk every situation along the way; but who is the crazy one? The person that thinks life is flat and these things don’t exist, or is it the individual that opens their mind and takes in everything that is out there? Welcome, to Unknown Explorers.