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May 12th 2006
Main page has visual overhaul with addition of pictures of the week.

May 5th 2006
Unknown Explorers launches the live version of the site still under construction.

April 20th 2006
Unknown Explorers becomes registered and the first partnerships with other online agencies are formed to bring the internet together for the largest Unknown Exploring website on the internet.

Article of the Week

ARTICLE: The Passion of UE
Founder Jay Correia posts his in depth outlook and reasoning for UE. READ HERE


Welcome to
Unknown Explorers

creepyheadThe internet's central hub for exploring anything unknown. Here you will find some of the most content rich information and weekly articles from some of the most respected investigators from around the globe.

Unknown Explorers takes on all the elements of the unknown by using theoretic and scientific approaches to find out what really is going on in our world and to debunk falsified claims. The passion and opinions of all our members globally are both respected and analyzed thoroughly.

From the study of unidentified animals to claims of demonic hauntings, UE takes on the whole picture. Choose your line of research and indulge yourself in the mysteries of our world.

Pictures of the week


1. Annales Laurissenses

12th century art of a sighting in 776 during the siege on Sigiburg Castle, France.
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2. Roger Patterson Bigfoot

One of the most controversal photographs of all time. In week one UE had to put the 1967 Patty bigfoot up.
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3. The Magnificat

This 15th century tapestry depicts the life of Mary. A Disk shaped object can be clearly seen.
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