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Hominids Gallery
Find all the "human like" creatures pics here.

Lake Monster Gallery
The beasts from the lakes around the world are found here.

Sea Monster Gallery
View the collection of sea monsters here.

Hybrid Gallery
Strange creatures that are not in any one category.

Avain Gallery
Pictures of the flying cryptids here.

Extinct Gallery
Creatures throught to be extinct but maybe not.

Corpses Gallery
Odd and unexplained corpses pictures in this gallery.


Cryptozoology Gallery

creepyhead You are now in the Cryptozoology Gallery. Anything with a sketch, photo, or video will be posted here. We are always looking to expand our gallery section to stay the number one provider of info on the web. Email any new pics or video to us.

To view individual crypid pictures, CLICK HERE to go to our Cryptid Animals page. Once you select a cryptid, you can then view it's own personal gallery by clicking the links on the left for each one.

Browse our flash galleries and watch video clips by selecting the gallery class you are looking for. The main galleries on the left have the most popular pictures for each category. Unknown Explorers has gathered cryptozoology photos, videos, sketches, and more and placed it all in one central spot for your viewing. Our galleries are updated on a regular basis so remember to check back.

Video Clips


1. Patterson Video

The most famous crypto video of all time.
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2. Van Lake Monster Video

A stunning piece of video from CNN.
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3. Chupacabra Video

The chupacabra on the news in Texas.
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4. Loch Ness Monster Video

A creature from a loch in Scotland.
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