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In Jewish folklore the Broxa was something like a large bird which was thought to suck the milk from goats during the night. In the Middle Ages accounts of the Broxa took a more ominous turn when witnesses who saw the creature began to claim that the Broxa were more like demons than birds. These Middle Age accounts also reported that the Broxa was no longer content to feed upon the fresh milk of goats but rather preferred the taste of fresh human blood.

The Broxa was considered in the Middle Ages to be a shape shifting, nocturnal entity, sometimes referred to as a witch when appearing in female form and a demon when appearing in male form. Some modern day investigators believe that the Broxa contributed to some of the early vampire legends.

The Evidence

There is currently no physical evidence to support the existence of the Broxa in either its goat milk sucking bird form or it’s later, more sinister, blood drinking demon form.

The Sightings

No documented sightings of the Broxa could be located at this time.

The Stats– (Where applicable)

• Classification: Avian
• Size: Unknown
• Weight: Unknown
• Diet: Goat milk / Human blood
• Location: Middle East
• Movement: Flight
• Environment: Unknown