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Ancient Egyptian and Sumerian texts describe the Cameleopard, also known as the Cameolpardel or Cameleopardalis, as being approximately the size of a camel, with leopard like spots and two large, curved horns atop its head. These horns are thought to be the result of latent gene activation, and may be specific to the male of the species. Believed to be the result of an unnatural procreative pairing between a mail camel and a female leopard, this creature is chronicled in records of medieval heraldry and considered by most modern researchers to be a gross misidentification of a giraffe.

While the camel was occasionally used in the early Roman era as an example of an animal which was similar to a giraffe, the absence of a long neck, not to mention the inclusion of a pair of ram like horns, have encouraged some investigators to theorize that these animals may in fact bear some relationship with a Congolese native known as the Chipekwe. Other researchers speculate that attributes attributed to the Cameleopard seem remarkably like those used by eyewitness to describe the fearsome African cryptid known as the Nandi Bear.

Regardless of what the creature may or may not be, most sightings point to that of probably a modern day giraffe. Hense the humped like back, the camel like face, the spots on its body and even the small horns. It is almost as if most of the tales are describing a giraffe without calling it one. The other popular idea is stated above, giving it a connection to the Nandi Bear. Unknown Explorers are firm believers that many cryptids, if real, are probably the same thing.

The Evidence
There remains no physical evidence that would prove the existence of the Cameleopard, ancient Egyptian and Sumerian texts are all we have to tell us that a creature like the Cameleopard once roamed Africa and the Middle East.

The Sightings
There have been no documented sightings of the Cameleopard in modern times. If those researchers who believe that the Cameleopard may actually be the same beast as the Nandi Bear then sightings of the creature may be more recent that originally thought.

The Stats (Where applicable)

Classification: Hybrid
Size: About the same as an adult camel
Weight: unknown
Diet: unknown
Location: Africa and the Middle East
Movement: walking