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Crescent Lake, located in central Newfoundland, is the reported home of a strange, and large ell like creature known by the locals as Cressie. Although not the largest of lake monsters, averaging a reported 5 to 15 feet in length and as thick as a man’s torso reports of this creature can be traced back to the legends of area natives. These native tribes warned of Woodum Haoot (Pond Devil) and Haoot Tuwedyee (Swimming Demon) both of which dwelled in Crescent Lake. Modern day settlers have been reporting encounters with a strange creature in the lake since the early 1900’s, not all of which have been pleasant.

One of the more resent accounts took place during an underwater search for the corpse of a downed pilot whose plane crashed into Crescent Lake in the mid 1980’s. In hopes of finding the pilot’s corpse, two scuba divers braved the black depths and icy waters of the lake only find themselves surround by several gigantic eel like creatures. After several moments the creatures proceeded to attack the scuba divers with voracious intensity, the divers quickly retreated to the surface and though not seriously injured where both visibly shaken by the event. Another strange phenomenon associated with Cressie involves mysterious holes which have been known to appear in the ice sheets which cover Crescent Lake curing the bitter cold Newfoundland winters. Due to the size of these holes they are sometimes mistaken as the result of tragic snowmobile accidents; however divers who have mounted expeditions beneath the ice to rarely find any man made objects that would explain these icy rifts. This has lead some researchers to theorize that these large breaks in the ice are not caused by anything falling into the lake, but rather, something breaking out.

The Evidence
No physical evidence of Cressie exists to this day, only through eye witness reports and local native legends do we know of this creature.

The Sightings
One the afternoon of July 9th 1991 locals report seeing a Gigantic Eel like creature in the lake.

August 14th 2003, Vivian Short of Roberts Arm reported seeing a serpentine like animal with a head like a fish. CBC News quoted her as saying to a friend who was with her at the time of the sighting, 'Oh my that’s big. That could eat four or five people if they were swimming.” CBC News also reported that Ada Rowsell, the town's clerk, said Short's wasn't the only reported sighting of Cressie lately. "I've had several reports of sightings. People sighting some kind of a huge monster or sea serpent or some kind of a fish."

The Stats – (Where applicable)

• Classification: Lake Monster
• Size: Average between 5 and 15 feet
• Weight: Unknown
• Diet: Unknown, most likely fish
• Location: Crescent Lake Newfoundland
• Movement: Swimming
• Environment: Lake