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Described as resembling a baboon with powerful, almost kangaroo like legs, the Devil Monkey have been sighted through out the American Mid West and as far north as Alaska, one documented sighting even took place in down town Chicago. The creature is often reported to have brown hair and a white patch on its underbelly. The Devil Monkey is known to be extremely aggressive. There is more than one report of them attacking people, in the early 1960’s a pair of nurses where driving home from work in the Saltville region of Virginia when an unknown creature, resembling a baboon, attacked them. The animal attacked with such power that it ripped the convertible top off the car before the two could escape.

In 1996, a woman named Barbara Mullins was driving down a stretch of road in Louisiana known as Highway 12 when she noticed something odd on the side of the road. At first Mullins through the carcass she had found was that of a dog, that was until she saw it’s baboon like features. Mullins snapped several pictures of the carcass with her camera; the resulting images have been the topic of much debate in the cryptozoology world. The creature was described as being about the size of a large adult Saint Bernard and covered with a think coat of dark wooly hair. It's most notable attribute was its decidedly simian features, extended feet, and small, presumably pointed ears.

Some researchers speculate that the Devil Monkey may be a remnant species of an ancient family of simians known as Tarsiids; however North America is not supposed to have any native apes. For this reason theories as to what the creature may be have gone off in all directions. Some researchers think it might be an extinct form of giant baboon, others think it is clearly so bizarre that it is supernatural in origin, and yet others favor the idea of a kangaroo, even though North America has no native kangaroos either.

The Evidence
Inconclusive photo evidence and eye witness reports remain the only evidence of the existence of the Devil Monkey.

The Sightings
• 1960’s – Two nurses are attacked in their car by a mysterious baboon like creature.

• 1996 – Barbara Mullins photographs what is believed to be a Devil Monkey found dead on the side of the road.

The Stats – (Where applicable)

• Classification: Possible Primate
• Size: Approximately the size of a large dog
• Weight: Unknown
• Diet: Reports indicate these creatures are carnivorous
• Location: North America
• Movement: Walking
• Environment: Unknown