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Lago (lake) Lacar, a small glacial lake embedded deep in the Andes Mountains, approximately 25 miles away from the Chilean border, is reported to be the home of a large unidentified animal. Dubbed El Cuero, meaning “The Cow Hide” by the locals this extremely dangerous creature is described as having a hairless head and spine, and a body structure which has the appearance of cow hide which has been splayed out to dry, hence the name. These features have lead some researchers to speculate that El Cuero may be distantly related to the family of freshwater stingrays known as the Stenohaline which call South America Home. However, there are some notable differences between South America’s freshwater stingrays and El Cuero.

El Cuero’s face is said to be repugnant, bearing reddish stalks upon which rests the creature’s snail like eyes. It is also reported that this creature has a proboscis like mouth located in the center of its torso. Locals believe that through this mouth El Cuero sucks the blood out of both its human and animal victims. Eyewitness have also reported seeing a serious of razor sharp claws along the fringes of El Cuero, which the creature uses to secure its prey. Feared by the locals this deadly predator is, unfortunately, not exclusive to Lake Lacar.

Similar creatures to El Cuero have been reported to dwell in the rivers and lagoons of both Argentina and Chili, and the legend of El Cuero has circulated throughout the ingenious populations of these two nations. Some Investigators have pointed out the similarities between this animal and the vicious Hueke-Hueke, another South American lake cryptid. So similar are the reports of these two creatures that many researchers suggest that the creatures are actually the same animal.

The Evidence
No physical evidence of El Cuero has been obtained to date, Local legend and eye witness accounts of the creature are all that provide us with the knowledge this creature may exist.

The Sightings
Although no documented sightings of El Cuero could be found there is one story which has become synonymous with the creature. The tale involves an unsuspecting mother who, while washing her families clothing on the banks of the Hua-Hum River, watched in absolute horror as a huge stingray like creature lunged out of the water and grabbed her infant child which lay next to her on the shore.

The Stats – (Where applicable)

• Classification: Lake Monster
• Size: Unknown
• Weight: Unknown
• Diet: Carnivorous
• Location: South America
• Movement: Swimming, with some reports of amphibious behavior.
• Environment: Lakes, Rivers and Lagoons