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It is generally accepted that the average anaconda can grow to lengths of roughly 30 feet; however explorers of the Amazon along with local Indians have reported encounters with anacondas that shatter that 30 foot mark for over a hundred years. These Giant Anacondas are through to grow to lengths of 60 to 80 feet with some extremely large examples growing to 100 feet and even has long as 150 feet according to some reports.

visit - Giant Anaconda gallery One of the first documented accounts of a Giant Anaconda was reported in 1906 by adventurer Percy H. Fawcett, 20 years before he would mysteriously vanish with out a trace in the Amazon. Major Fawcett was sent by the Royal Geographic Society to survey the Rio Abuna and Acre Rivers. At 39 years of age Major Fawcett was known for two things, being a dreamer and being a matter of fact military man who reported exactly what he saw in a detailed and down to earth matter. During his expeditions into the region for the Royal Geographic Society as well as his travels in search of lost jungle cities of fantastic wealth and splendor, Fawcett kept memoirs which relate many strange adventures including an encounter with a supposed Giant Anaconda.

The encounter occurred in 1907 while Major Fawcett, along with his crew of natives, was drifting along the Rio Negro River. At one point in the trip he spotted a great triangular serpentine head appearing at the bow of his boat, Fawcett opened fire hitting the creature in the spine. The giant snake thrashed the water into a foamy frenzy all around the boat as it violently died from its wounds. According to Fawcett, the snake measured 45 feet out of the water and 17 feet in the water, a total of 62 feet. Though this massive snake was remarkably long the diameter was relatively small, only 12 inches. Unfortunately Fawcett had no way to carry the massive creature back from the interior of the Amazon, once publicized his account was received with ridicule even though he insisted his account was both truthful and accurate.

visit - Giant Anaconda gallery Herpetologist Raymond Ditmars rejected Fawcett’s story on the grounds that anacondas where not thought to get much longer than 19 feet, a number that was soon increased to 30 feet. Decades after Fawcett’s encounter Bernard Heuvelmans came to his defense arguing that Fawcett’s writings where generally honest and reliable. Heuvelmans also noted in his book On the Track of Unknown Animals that American herpetologist Thomas Barboor, Brazilian expert Dr. Afranio do Amaral of the Institute at Butantan and Doctor Jose Condido de Melo of the Rio de Janeiro Zoo all agreed that 45 feet should be the accepted maximum length.

visit - Giant Anaconda gallery In an article which appeared in the International Society of Cryptozoology newsletter J. Richard Greenwell mentions that a 1944 petroleum expedition in Columbia claimed to have measured a 37 foot long anaconda, however this claim is not always regarded as reliable. Perhaps a more credible report came from scientist Vincent Roth who claimed to have shot and killed an anaconda in British Guiana that measured 34 feet. Though these two encounters are generally dismissed by modern science there are plenty of researchers who still believe that the Giant Anaconda swims the waters of the Amazon to this day, and if you wanted to hide a giant snake anywhere in the world, the Amazon River might just be the perfect place to do so.

The Evidence
There is no physical evidence to suggest the existence of the Giant Anaconda, some pictures exist which appear to show a snake in excess of 100 feet however these photos often do not contain any point of reference to base the creature’s size and are dismissed as inconclusive.

The Sightings
In 1907, Major Percy H. Fawcett reported shooting and killing an anaconda measuring 62 feet in length while traveling up the Rio Negro River in South America.

In 1944 a petroleum expedition in Columbia claimed to have measured an anaconda measuring 37.5 feet in length.

Some time after 1944 scientist Vincent Roth claimed to have killed a 34 foot long anaconda in British Guiana.

The Stats – (Where applicable)

• Classification: Hybrid / Other
• Size: 50 to 150 feet
• Weight: up to 4 tons
• Diet: Carnivorous
• Location: Amazon River, South America
• Movement: Lateral undulation
• Environment: River