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The Gulon, also known as the Jerff in Sweden and the Vielfras in Germany, comes from Scandinavian folklore and is described as having the body of a large dog, the head, ears and claws of a cat, a thick coat of shaggy brown fur and a tail like that of a fox. The Gulon is often associated with gluttony, or used as the symbol of gluttony, due to the creature’s strange eating habits.

According to legend it is said to often make a kill, sometimes much larger than itself, and proceed to gorge itself until swollen and unable to possibly eat anymore. At this point the Gulon will find two trees growing closely together and squeeze its self between them, forcing the freshly eaten meat though its body, making the necessary room to consume the remainder of what he was unable to eat.

The Gulon was thought to be first documented by Swedish historian Olaus Magnus, who described the creature as:

“.. great as a great dog, and his ears and face are like a cat’s, his feet and nails are very sharp, his body is hairy, with long brown hair, his tail is somewhat shorter, but his hair is thicker and of this they make brave winter caps. Wherefore this creature is the most voracious, for when it finds a carcass, he devours so much that his body, filled by so much meat, is stretched like a drum, and finding a strait passage between trees, he presseth between them, that he may discharge his body by violence, and thus being emptied, he returns to the carcass and fills himself top full.”

Some modern researchers believe that tales of the Gulon where nothing more than early accounts of the wolverine, which have a reputation as a voracious glutton, often killing prey much larger than itself, gorging its self to lighten the carcass, and then dragging the kill away to finish later. It is also noted that the wolverine, from a distance, does appear to have many of the traits described in descriptions of the Gulon.

The Evidence
No physical evidence to support the existence of the Gulon has been discovered to date.

The Sightings
No documented sightings of the Gulon could be located at this time.

The Stats – (Where applicable)

• Classification: Hybrid
• Size: Roughly that of a large dog.
• Weight: Roughly that of a large dog.
• Diet: Carnivorous
• Location: Scandinavia, Germany and Sweden
• Movement: 4 legged walking
• Environment: Forest