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The Hippocerf is said to have a combination of attributes that where both horse and deer like, and has been used to represent indecision in numerous pieces of medieval artwork. The name Hippocerf means... well, "horse-deer" ("hippo" is Greek for "horse" and "cerf" means "deer").

Like so many strange and fantastic creatures before it the Hippocerf is often dismissed as a work of pure fantasy, however, this creature may have actually once existed. Some researchers and scientists believe that the Hippocerf may have actually been a rare surviving species of Megaloceros, or “Irish Elk” which is thought to have become extinct approximately 11,000 years ago during the last major European Ice Age. Fossilized specimens of the Megaloceros, complete with gigantic antlers to match, have been discovered throughout Europe, and some mainstream scientists now believe that as small breeding population of Hippocerf could have survived into historic times.

The Evidence
At this time there is no physical evidence to suggest that the Hippocerf is still alive today.

The Sightings
There have been no reported sightings of the Hippocerf in modern times.

The Stats – (Where applicable)

• Classification: Unknown (Hybrid)
• Size: About the same as a large moose if not bigger.
• Weight: Unknown (probably 1 ton+)
• Diet: Most likely grass like vegetation.
• Location: Western Europe
• Movement: Walking
• Environment: Grassy Fields and Lush Forests.