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The Kelpie is a super natural shape shifting horse from Celtic folklore believed to haunt the rivers and locks of Scotland and Ireland. Thought to prefer rough rapids over calm pools the Kelpie takes many of its cues from several of the other less famous Water Horses of the British Isles such as the Each-Usige (link) or the Alastyn (link). Legend has it that that Kelpie and other water horses trick unsuspecting prey by taking the form of a beautiful submissive horse. The Kelpie seduces its prey to mount the horse and upon doing so the Kelpie plunges the rider down to the icy depths. Legends differ on if the Kelpie was carnivores or just out to cause its victims grief. Some legends state that the Kelpie merely drags the rider down, allowing its victim to escape thoroughly moistened, although relatively unharmed, while others tell of a much more sinister side to the creature. The more sinister Kelpie is said to have been in league with the Devil and is described as a menacing black beast, which is half horse and half bull. This version of the Kelpie is also said to possess two razor sharp horns protruding from its skull.

According to Swedish naturalist and author Bengt Sjögren, the present day belief in lake monsters is accosiated with the old legends of the Kelpie. It is Sjögren’s believe that the accounts of lake monsters have changed over the course of history. Older reports often talk of a horse like appearance while most modern reports often have more of a reptilen or dinosour like apperence. He concludes that the legend of Kelpie evolved into the present day legend of lake monsters such as the Lock Ness Monster (link), where the monster has changed apperances to be more realistic and modern since the discovery of the dinosour and giant aquatic reptiles like the plesiosaur.

The Evidence
No Physical Evidence of the Kelpie exists to this day; we know the creature only through folklore and legend.

The Sightings
There have been no resent sightings of the Kelpie; if Bengt Sjögren theory is correct there will be no more sightings of the Kelpie because sightings have evolved from the kelpie to present day reptilian sightings.

The Stats – (Where applicable)

• Classification: Water Horse
• Size: Large Horse
• Weight: Unknown
• Diet: Unknown
• Location: Lochs and Rivers of Scotland and Ireland
• Movement: Swimming and Walking
• Environment: The more turbulent areas of lochs and rivers