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Very little is known about the Labynkr Monster, the few eyewitness accounts of the creature describe it as being a large black creature with a dorsal fin running the length of its back. In 1964 a pair of Italian reporters who where visiting Lake Labynkr where retold the story of a group of hunters who recently had a run in with a large unknown creature in the lake.

According to the story told to the reporters, the hunters and their dog where giving chase to a deer they had wounded. The deer staggered through the forest surrounding Lake Labynkr, as the hunters entered a clearing they watched as the deer jumped into the lake followed closely by their dog. Suddenly both animals vanished beneath the lake surface, the men stared in shock and growing fear as their dog failed to surface. As they watched the water began to froth, revealing a large black creature which emitted a horrible shrieking sound before submerging back into the lake.

Later that same year, in response to hunter’s encounter, a team of Soviet divers, equipped with what at the time would have been state of the art scuba and underwater photography gear, mounted an expedition to Lake Labynkr in search of the creature. Upon arrival the team split up into three separate search parties, the first two of these groups were unsuccessful in locating any sign of the creature; however the third group claimed to have encountered three large objects, moving in unison, roughly 900 feet from shore.

Attempts to film the anomaly failed due to pour lighting conditions and the team was forced to leave empty handed. No other scientific expeditions in search of the Labynkr Monster have been mounted since and to this day the question of what lurks in the depths of Lake Labynkr remains a mystery.

The Evidence
No physical evidence has been discovered to date that would suggest a creature like the Labynkr Monster actually exists in Lake Labynkr.

The Sightings
In 1964 a pair of hunters witnessed a huge, black creature emerge from the waters of Lake Labynkr and devour their dog and the deer it was chasing.

In 1964 a team of Soviet Divers encountered 3 large objects moving about 900 feet of shore.

The Stats – (Where applicable)

• Classification: Lake Monster
• Size: Unknown
• Weight: Unknown
• Diet: Carnivorous
• Location: Lake Labynkr, Russia
• Movement: Swimming
• Environment: Lake