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The Leucrocotta, also referred to as the Leucrocuta, Leucrota or Leocrocotta, was first documented by Pliny the Elder in his serious of tomes regarding natural history as the offspring of a Crocotta, a mythical wolf, and a lion. It is described as having the haunches of a stag, the tail, chest and neck of a lion and the head of a badger, the Leucrocotta’s mouth was said to be able to open as far back as its ear and instead of teeth it had ridges of bone that could crush anything. It was also thought to never close its eyes and its back bone was said to be so rigid and stiff that the creature had to completely turn around to see behind it.

Similar to the Crocotta, the Leucrocotta was said to have the ability to duplicate a human voice and would often employ this ability to lure in both canine and human prey. One such vocal hunting method states that the Leucrocotta would lurk in the tree line on the edge of the forest near two people, usually farmers, having a conversation, after learning an individual’s names the creature would wait until an unlucky individual was alone and then would call out his or her name.

As the person went to investigate who was calling them the Leucrocotta would slowly back up further and further into the woods continuing to call the persons name. When the person was deep enough into the woods as not to be heard by anyone as they screamed for help the Leucrocotta would leap out of the shadows and devour its victim.

There is often some confusion between the more wolf like Crocotta and the more lion like Leucrocotta and in some cases the two are looked upon as the same creature. Clearly meant to be two different types of animals, authors of bestiaries often mistook them for one another due to there alleged blood relation, similarity in name and there supposed ability to speak with a human voice. Though this creature is shrouded in mythology and mystery it is often thought that the hyena may have been the bases for this fantastic creature, however most researchers simply dismiss the creature as pure fiction.

The Evidence
There is currently no physical evidence to support the existence of the Leucrocotta.

The Sightings
No documented sightings of the Leucrocotta could be located at this time.

The Stats – (Where applicable)

• Classification: Hybrid
• Size: Roughly that of a lion
• Weight: Roughly that of a lion
• Diet: Carnivore
• Location: India
• Movement: Four legged walking
• Environment: Forest