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The Lindorm (aka: Lindwurm / Lindworm) is a large dragon like serpent which was reported to live near the marshes, caves and other bodies of water in the countryside of Scandinavia. The Lindorm was often described as being 10 to 20 feet in length, as thick as a man’s thigh and black in color with a yellow flamed belly. The head of the creature was often described as being flat, round or square in shape, with a divided tongue, stubby tail, wild, hypnotic eyes as large as saucers and a mouth full of white, shining teeth.

In some reports it is indicated that the Lindorm may have had small stubby legs in the front of its body. Based on these descriptions some researchers have speculated that the Lindorm could be a form of land locked sea serpent which adapted to life in the low water marshes and caves which dot the landscape.

The belief in the Lindorm persisted well into the 19th century and in 1885 Swedish scientist and folklorist Gunner Olaf Hylten-Cavallius published a book on the subject of the Lindorm. The book was a collection of forty-eight first person accounts of the creature, one was even from a member of the Swedish parliament. The Lindorm was often described in these encounters an aggressive and powerful, hissing and raising itself on its tail four or five feet up when confronted.

According to Hylten-Cavallius it is possible, although difficult, to kill a Lindorm, however in death the creature would emit an overwhelmingly foul odor. Hylten-Cavallius at one point even offered a reward for a Lindorm, dead or alive, and as a result he was ridiculed by fellow scientists. No one ever collected the reward and reports of the Lindorm died out over time, leaving us to only speculate what the Lindorm may have been, if anything at all.

The Evidence
No physical evidence exists to date that would support the existence of a creature like the Lindorm living in Scandinavia.

The Sightings
No documented sightings of the Lindorm in modern times could be found at this time.

The Stats – (Where applicable)

• Classification: Hybrid / Other
• Size: 10 to 20 feet in length
• Weight: Unknown
• Diet: Carnivorous
• Location: Scandinavia
• Movement: Similar to that of a modern snake
• Environment: Marsh land