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The events surrounding the appearance of a shadowy, winged figured, later dubbed Man Dragon, began in 1926, near the Xiaon Te Dam in the south eastern foothills of China. Almost over night, sightings of this large, winged, black figure, the Man Dragon, began to spread around the small farming communities located beneath the Xiaon Te Dam. The creature reportedly was seen hovering above the dam and frightened several people who witnessed it.

On the Afternoon of January 19, 1926, during the height of the Man Dragon sightings, the Xiaon Te Dam suffered a massive structural failure and collapsed sending over 40 billion gallons of water crashing into the farming villages below. Several villages were entirely destroyed beneath the massive force of rushing water and when the water finally drained the death toll was estimated to be over 15,000. Although most records and reports of this disaster were destroyed by the ruling communist party, many of the survivors of this horrible disaster did confirm that the Man Dragon not only showed its self above the ill fated dam but also to many of the victims.

The events surrounding the collapse of the Xiaon Te Dam have lead many researchers to suggest that the creature, called Man Dragon in this case, is actually the same dark, winged apparition reportedly seen flying over the location of several other disasters. This creature, also known as the Black Bird of Chernobyl, the Freiberg Shrieker and the more famous Mothman of West Virginia, is thought by many to be an ominous sign of disaster to come. As the creature seems to vanish after each disaster occurs it is nearly impossible to study and to this day all accounts of this mysterious figure remain unsolved.

The Evidence
There is currently no physical evidence to support the existence of this winged harbinger of doom known in this instance as the Man Dragon.

The Sightings
Although sightings of the Man Dragon were reported we are unable to find any documented sightings of the creature at this time.

The Stats (Where applicable)

Classification: Avian
Size: Roughly that of a human male
Weight: Unknown
Diet: Unknown
Location: China
Movement: Flight
Environment: Unknown