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Located North West of Canada’s capital city of Winnipeg, Lake Manitoba, is the smallest of a group of three lakes, the other two being Lake Winnipeg and Lake Winnipegosis. These lakes where formed over ten thousand years ago during the last ice age. Like most lakes of its age and size, stories of a large reptilian like creature lurking in the lake have been passed down by early Native American settlers. The creature is reported to be anywhere from 12 to 45 feet in length, are brownish in skin color and have a snake or sheep like head. Some researchers believe that creature may belong to the same species as the more popular North American lake monster, Ogopogo, hence the name Manipogo.

In 1962, Manipogo was reportedly photographed by two fishermen who where shocked to see the strange serpentine like creature swim past the front of their boat. Shortly after that sighting, renowned American television commentator, John Konefell, and CKND TV’s operations manager, Richard Vincent where out enjoying a fishing excursion on Manitoba in a small vessel when they caught sight of something huge swimming approximately 900-feet away. The two attempted to give chase to what they believed to be an animate object, but the under powered 10-horsepower engine was not able to keep up with the creature. Fortunately, the men had a camera at the ready and were able to snap a photograph of what they referred to as the "thing". In that image there seems to be a dark object approximately 12 feet in length protruding almost 2 feet out of the water. These estimates were made by comparing the size of the animal to that of the gunwale of the boat, which can only be seen in the un-cropped version of the photograph. Several years later in 1974 Richard Vincent was interviewed about his encounter, however he seemed hesitant to identify the animal in the photo as a Manipogo, instead claiming that he and Kendall where unsure as to what they saw in the lake that day.

In 1997, Canadian newspapers reported that a member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Department, while on patrol at a local Indian reservation, witnessed a large snake like creature swimming in the lake. That same year a local farmer claimed to have a similar sighting. The farmer, who was out hunting at the time, reportedly shot the animal and was able to drag the carcass onto the shore near the sandy point native reservation. The farmer then reportedly attempted to sell the strange remains for an estimated 200,000 dollars. This report was later dismissed as a hoax, however it did help to bring more interest to the Manipogo legend.

Based on eye witness description of the creature veteran Manipogo researcher, Gary Manglacopra speculated that these creatures may represent a surviving pod of the presumed extinct, snake-like Cetaceans known as the Zeuglodonts, specifically the Basilosaurus. Noted cryptozoologist, as well as famed Lock Ness Monster and Mokele-M’bembe investigator, Dr. Roy P. Mackal, seems to agree with Manglacopra’s theory.

The Evidence
There remains no physical evidence that the creature known as Manipogo exists to this day. Only eyewitness reports and some photographic evidence tells us what we know about this mysterious creature.

The Sightings
1962, two fisherman report seeing a strange serpentine creature swim past the front of their boat.

A few years later renowned American television commentator, John Konefell, and CKND TV’s operations manager, Richard Vincent snap a photo of a large unknown creature.

1974, a Royal Canadian Mounted Police Deputy reports seeing a large snake like creature while on duty near the lake.

The Stats – (Where applicable)

• Classification: Lake Monster
• Size: Reports indicate between 12 -45 feet in length.
• Weight: Unknown
• Diet: Unknown
• Location: Lake Manitoba, however similar reports have come from near by lakes as well.
• Movement: Swimming
• Environment: Glacier Lake