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Also known as the Isnashi, the Mapinguary is thought to be a large Bipedal ape like creature living in the jungles along the Rio Araguaia, a large river in the Brazilian state of Mato Grosso do Sul. The Mapinguary has been reported in many areas of Brazil and the surrounding countries for more than two hundred years, but it would seem that the river experiences more activity than other areas of South America. The Mapinguary is described by local natives as being a mostly red haired, sloping, bipedal, long armed giant ape often associated with unique bottle like footprints. Other reports from South America describe the Mapinguary as a large horrid smelling nocturnal creature covered in red hair. This version of the creature is strictly vegetarian, with feet turned backwards and claws capable of ripping apart the palm trees it feeds on.

According to old Indian legends the Mapinguary was once a man, whose pride and self confidence led him to seek immortality. As a result of his lust for self preservation he was cursed to wander the forest forever as a smelly, shaggy, one eyed beast standing roughly 15 feet tall and was covered in hair so think it made the creature invulnerable to bullets, swords, knifes, arrows and spears. The creature was said to love tobacco and would twist off the upper skull of its human victims to suck out the grey matter. The creature also had an extra mouth in the middle of its belly. When it felt threatened the Mapinguary let out a vile stench, similar to a mixture of garlic, excrement and rotting meat, from this second mouth. According to the Indians the odor was strong enough to suffocate any attacker and because of this horrid stench the creature was often followed by a cloud of flies. Even the strongest of warriors were forced to flee from the smell of the Mapinguary; those who did not flee fast enough and did not die from suffocation often found themselves ill for days after the encounter.

In March and April of 1937 a Mapinguary supposedly went on a three week rampage in the small farming town of Barra das Garcas, located about 300 miles southeast of the city of Cuiaba, capital of the central state of Mato Grosso do Sul. It was here that a large number of cattle where slaughtered by somebody or something possessing super human strength, strong enough to tear out the cattle’s huge tongues. Reports from the area included unconfirmed sightings, humanoid like tracks as long as 18 inches and a horrible roaring from the woods. All together, over one hundred heads of yellow cattle of Spanish origin where killed, all the way to Ponta Branca, located 150 miles south of Barra das Garces.

On February 28th, 2003, an unarmed expedition comprised of some 15 mounted rangers, 12 members of the Ciudad Termal Volunteer Fire Brigade, plus local media personnel began to search every square foot of densely wooded area where eyewitnesses claimed to have seen a strange humanoid creature less than 72 hours before. The expedition, lead by Sheriff Rene Tacacho and Jose Alvarez, commander of the volunteer fire brigade, was aimed at capturing the strange creature, during the search participants heard strange howls and found footprints that seemed to show the recent transit of a hairy, two legged animal.

On August 30th, 2003, two people training for a biathlon along the forested trails of Cerro Termal claim to have seen a strange hair covered beast, which at the time had been the cause of more than 20 local reports in the area. According to the established facts, Humberto Sosa and Susana Romano where jogging in a densely forested section of land in the early hours of the morning when they ran into a strange creature which stood roughly 6 feet 6 inches tall, was covered in hair from head to foot, had long arms which ended in sharp claws, an oval shaped head and had an enormous mouth with large fangs. According to the eye witness and his training partner the two joggers heard a crashing in the bushes from up on a hill, they stopped to see what was causing the commotion and amid the foliage saw what they described as a large animal, some kind of ape, moving with great agility.

Cryptozoologists such as Bernard Heuvelmans, Loren Coleman and Ivan T. Sanderson have studied and written on the topic of Mapinguary, all of which seem to agree that the evidence supports a large form of primate, similar to Bigfoot, roaming the hills and forests of this region of South America.

The Evidence
No physical evidence has been brought to light at this time, to view evidence of a similar creature visit the Unknown Explorers page on Bigfoot.

The Sightings
August 30th 2003, Humberto Sosa and Susana Romano witnessed a strange ape like creature while jogging 4 miles east of Rosario de la Frontera in Northern Argentina.

The Stats – (Where applicable)

• Classification: Hominid
• Size: 6 to 7 feet tall
• Weight: Unknown
• Diet: Unknown
• Location: South America
• Movement: Bipedal Walking
• Environment: Forest