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The Monoceros, also known as the Carcazonon, was first chronicled by Roman senator and historian Pliny the Elder. The Monoceros is often described as having the head of an antler less stag, the torso of a horse, the massive feet of an elephant, a boar like tale and a single, spiraling black horn protruding from its forehead. Indian Hunters often pursued this swift and powerful creature which was coveted for its impressive horn. According to reports from these hunters, the Monoceros was a ferocious fighter that if cornered would let loose a horrific scream.

Though some speculate what this fantastic creature may have been, most modern researchers believe that sightings of the Monoceros were the result of imaginative explorers encountering the African rhinoceros for the first time. However there is a small handful of researchers who remain convinced that there is something more to the stories of the Monoceros, stating that the bulky mass of a rhino could hardly be confused for the streamline features of a horse, and that a single, spiraling, black horn in now way resembles the bony grayish horns of the rhinoceros.

The Evidence
To date no evidence has been discovered to support the existence of the Monoceros

The Sightings
No documented sightings of the Monoceros could be found at this time.

The Stats (Where applicable)

Classification: Hybrid / Other
Size: Roughly that of a large horse
Weight: Unknown
Diet: Unknown
Location: India
Movement: Four legged walking
Environment: Unknown