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Muckross Lake, located near Killarney County in Kerry Ireland, is the deepest lake in Ireland at 210 feet; it is also one of three lakes that make up an area known as the Lakes of Killarney. Starting sometime in the year 2002 Irish and international scientists in conjunction with the Irish Char Conservation Group set out to find out more information about the fish life in the ice age lakes around Killarney. They carried out the first fish survey ever in Muckross Lake in September of that year and identified the presence of a rare fish called the Artic char. When the team analyzed data collected by new hydro acoustic or sonar gear in April 2003 they discovered some very odd readings.

What they discovered was, instead of the normal small signals which indicate individual fish; they picked up something the size of a two story house in roughly 60 to 75 feet of water near the southeastern portion of the lake. The team was stumped as to what the object might be, but where able to rule out computer and logging errors as the gear was functioning normally.

Doctor Fran Igoe, scientific advisor to the Irish Char Conservation Group, stated that the fish fauna in Muckross was very ancient, inhabitants such as Artic char, ferox trout, ordinary trout, Atlantic salmon, species of lamprey and eels all attest to the ancient origins of the lake. Rumors quickly spread around the region that this unidentified sonar contact was that of an unknown prehistoric creature like those thought to dwell in Scotland and other Irish lakes. Despite a complete lack of eyewitness sightings, some people have already christened the beast with the affectionate name Muckie.

Mr. Patty O’Sullivan, Killarney National Park manager for the National Parks and Wildlife Service, stated that he was very excited about the findings and delighted that the ancient fish of these lakes are being examined by the Irish Char Conservation Group along with scientists from around the world. Although it has been several years since the initial sonar contact was discovered, no sightings or new evidence has been found to adequately explain just what was picked up by sonar that day.

The Evidence
There is currently no physical evidence to support the existence of a creature the estimated size of Muckie living in Muckross Lake.

The Sightings
No sightings of the Muckross Monster could be found at this time.

The Stats – (Where applicable)

• Classification: Lake Monster
• Size: Roughly that of a 2 story house
• Weight: Unknown
• Diet: Unknown
• Location: Muckross Lake, Ireland
• Movement: Unknown
• Environment: Lake