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The term Sasquatch was coined in the 1920’s by Canadian journalist J.W. Burns, it was used as a single term to describe a large hairy hominid which the Native Canadians called sokqueatl or soss-q’tal. The term Sasquatch was widely used to describe all North American Hominids until 1958 when Humboldt Times Editor Andrew Genzoli introduced the word Bigfoot in a column discussing large footprints discovered by Jerry Crew on a construction site near Bluff Creek California. Since then the term Bigfoot has been used to describe most North American hominids, however Sasquatch remains the named used to describe these creatures in Canada.

The first indication that something might be lurking around the forests of Western Canada came in 1811, when Canadian Trader David Thompson came across several large footprints in the snow, near what is now Jasper Alberto. Thompson claimed that these footprints measured an amazing 15 by 18 inches. One of the more famous Canadian encounters came in 1884, outside of the small down of Yale, British Columbia, when a train crew claimed to have come face to face with a long armed man like creature covered with coarse black hair.

Jacko, as the creature came to be known, was describe by the Victoria Daily Colonist as “something of the gorilla type”, about 4 feet and 7 inches tall and with the exception of hair covering his entire body and the length of his arms, looked very human like. Later inspection of the Jacko story suggests that the report may have described a chimpanzee.

One of the most debated encounters happened in 1924, but was not reported until 1957. As the story goes, Albert Ostman, while vacationing and doing some gold prospecting near Toba Inlet, opposite Vancouver Island British Columbia when one night he found himself being picked up in his sleeping bag and hauled what he estimated to be about 25 miles. When Mr. Ostman was finally put down and able to climb out of his sleeping bag he found himself surrounded by a family of Sasquatches. Ostman claimed that he was never harmed by the creatures but was prevented from leaving. After 6 days of being a “guest” of the family he made his escape after enticing the lead male to eat an entire can of snuff, the creature immediately fell ill and during the resulting confusion Ostman escaped.

For more information on the creature known as Sasquatch please visit the Bigfoot section of Unknown Explorers, though the two have different names they are often thought to be the same species of hominid.

The Evidence
For information pertaining to Sasquatch Evidence please visit the Bigfoot section of Unknown Explorers.

The Sightings
For more information pertaining to Sasquatch sightings please visit the Bigfoot section of Unknown Explorers.

The Stats – (Where applicable)

• Classification: Hominid
• Size: 6 – 9 feet tall
• Weight: 400 plus pounds
• Diet: Reports vary, some suggest vegetarian others place deer in the Bigfoot’s Diet
• Location: All over the United States, mainly in the Pacific North West and Texas.
• Movement: Upright Bipedal Walking
• Environment: Remote Forests, though some suggest that migratory paths may take the Sasquatch through more populated areas.