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In Japanese mythology the Sin-you resembled an orange and brown colored lion which had a thick mane and a single horn sprouting from the center of its skull. Similar to several other mythical Japanese creatures the Sin-you was renowned for its innate sense of right and wrong, particularly in regards to issues of criminal justice.

It has been written that the eyes of the Sin-you could burn through its prey, a trait which has been associated with the creature’s ability to intimidate those who would do evil. It is said that if a criminal was found guilty in the eyes of the Sin-you it will serve its own form of justice by lunging forward and piercing the criminal through the heart.

It has been suggested by some researchers that the Sin-you may have been a rare form of predatory cat which over time may have sprouted a bony, horn like protrusion on its head. Should this creature have remained in a small isolated population, this mutation may have lingered due to interbreeding and the result would be a small pride of horned feline. However this theory if often considered highly unlikely and quickly disregarded by the majority of researchers who view the Sin-you as nothing more than a myth.

The Evidence
No physical evidence has been discovered that would suggest that the Sin-you does or ever did exist.

The Sightings
No documented sightings of the Sin-you could be found at this time.

The Stats – (Where applicable)

• Classification: Hybrid / Unknown
• Size: Roughly that of a lion
• Weight: Roughly that of a lion
• Diet: Unknown
• Location: Japan
• Movement: Four legged walking
• Environment: Unknown