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Lake Storsjön, Located in Jamtland County Sweden, was formed over 9,000 years ago at the end of the last ice age. With a surface area great than 287 miles and a depth of up to 250 feet Lake Storsjön is Sweden’s 5th largest lake, and the reported home of a large persumably amphibious creature the locals call Storsie. The first docutmented sighting of the creature was made by a vicar in 1635, during which the creature was known for raiding local farm crops. Descriptions of the beast tend to vary with the majority describing the creature as being serpintine in appearance with multiple humps on its back, a canine like head and greyish skin. Other reports say the creature is short in stature and is morbitly obese with a roundish skull. The creatures limbs are also a topic of controversy, some eye wittnesses claim that they resemble the large flippers common to aquatic animals and other lake monsters, while some insist that Storsie is equiped with more terrestrial looking feet, consisting of strong back legs and short forelimbs. All accounts seem to agree that the creature has large eyes, a prodigious mouth and is between 20 and 30-feet in length.

Since the first documented sighting of Storsie literally thousands of people have claimed to have seen the creature, some have even taken pictures of what they believe is the legendary beast. Perhaps the most incredible piece of evidence uncovered to date is a carcass believed by some researchers to be that of a Storcie embryo. The carcass was discovered on the shore of Lake Storsjön on June 18, 1984; it was remarkably well preserved and is now housed in a glass jar at the Jamtli, museum of Jamtland.

In August of 1998, as a result of several resent eye witness reports, Storsie became the subject of an intense, two and a half week international expedition known as G.U.S.T. 98. The Team, led by G.U.S.T. founder Jan Ove Sunberg, unfortunately was unable to obtain any concrete evidence of the existence of Storsie. G.U.S.T. or Global Underwater Search Team is still in operation today as one of the worlds leaders in the search for lake monsters. That very same year Adrian Shine, famed Loch Ness naturalist and monster hunter, led his own expedition to uncover the secrets of Storsie but came up empty handed. In the summer of 2000, four observation platforms were erected on the shores of Lake Storsjön, in 2001 an additional four platforms where constructed, giving both locals and tourists plenty of oppertunitys to enjoy the natural splender of the area and perhaps a chance to have a sighting of the legendary Storsie.

The Evidence
The only physical evidence of Storsie, though inconclusive, is the proposed Storsie Embryo discovered in 1984. Eye witness reports and several photographs are our best evidence that something dwells in the depths of this lake.

The Sightings
73 year old Ragnar Bj, a fisheries officer, was navigating the lake in his 12 foot row boat in order to check fishing permits. He claims the placid waters of the lake suddenly broke astern of his vessel revealing a gigantic serpentine tail. Moments later the rest of the gigantic creature emerged directly next to his boat. Ragnar described the animal as being over 18-feet long, with a grayish-brown spine and a yellow underbelly. Frightened by the creature Ragnar grabbed his oar and beat the creature along the neck, causing the beast to become angry and lifted its massive tail from the water bringing it crashing down next to the row boat. Ragnar then reports that this action by the creature sent his boat soaring 9 feet in the air.

The Stats – (Where applicable)

• Classification: Unknown, possibly reptilian
• Size: 20 to 30 feet
• Weight: Unknown
• Diet: Unknown most likely fish
• Location: Lake Storsjön, Sweden
• Movement: Primarily swimming with some reports of land based movement.
• Environment: Lake