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On the night of November 1, 1922 a mysterious corpse washed ashore along the beaches of Margate, South America. Measuring a little over 47 feet long the creature, dubbed Trunko, possessed a 10 foot tail and was covered in 8 inch long white fur. The creature also appeared to have no head but instead possessed a 5 foot trunk like appendage, hence the name, Trunko. Furry “sea monster” corpses, such as Trunko’s, normally prove to be the decomposed bodies of sharks in which the fur is really exposed tissue fibers, However, the only known shark species able to reach 47 feet long or bigger was the Megalodon. Modern science tells us that the Megalodon went extinct some 1.6 million years ago in the Pliocene period.

Shortly after the discovery of the creature reports came in that earlier that day several eye witnesses reported witnessing an extraordinary battle between two whales and a yet unknown marine animal covered in snowy white fur. One of the witnesses, Hugh Ballance, described the animal as looking like a "giant polar bear.” The fight reportedly lasted 3 hours and unfortunately for the mystery creature, the whales proved to great a challenge and its poor choice in adversaries cost the creature its life, not till later that night would people see how truly strange the creature would turn out to be. The corpse of Trunko spent 10 days on the Margate beach in which no scientist gave it the time of day, on the tenth day the sea reclaimed the body, and taking with it a possible scientific treasure. There is no known animal which resembles Trunko, and since the 1922 sighting no other sightings of similar beasts have been reported.

On March 8th 2006 marine biologists discovered a crustacean in the South Pacific that resembles a lobster or crab covered in what looks like white silky fur. Kiwa hirsuta is so distinct from other species that scientists have created a new taxonomic family for it. Though much smaller than 47 feet long, this new discover does place some validity on the existence of a marine animal covered in white fur. Read More Here.

The Evidence
There remains no physical evidence of the creature known as Trunko. Though the body rested on the shores of Margate, South Africa for 10 days not one skin, hair or bone sample was taken for future study.

The Sightings
The only documented sighting of Trunko is the original 1922 sighting in which the creature fought a losing battle with two whales, its body would later wash ashore only to be reclaimed by the sea 10 days later.

The Stats (Where applicable)

• Classification: Unknown
• Size: 47 feet in length
• Weight: unknown
• Diet: unknown
• Location: Margate, South America
• Movement: Swimming
• Environment: Oceans