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To date there has been only one known sighting of the creatures which became known as the Vietnamese Night Flyers. According to this one and only documented encounter, a group of three U.S. Marines, in 1969 while on guard duty near Da Nang, South Vietnam, sighted a group of creatures the likes of which they had never seen before.

The three U.S. Marines claimed that they had seen three, unclothed, hair covered, feminine figures, all of which were approximately 5 feet tall, flying over their post in the dead of night. They further claimed that they could hear the leathery flapping of their membranous, black wings as the fur covered female figures soared above.

The majority of researchers today tend to write off this sighting due to the fact that no other sightings of these creatures, during the war or any time in history, could be found. Other researchers have suggested that these soldiers, who may not have had human contact for some time, may have mistaken large nocturnal birds for flying, naked females. With only one sighting of these creatures it is hard to determine exactly what they may have been and their identity remain a mystery to this day.

The Evidence
There is currently no physical evidence to support the existence of these nocturnal flying females known as the Vietnamese Night Flyers.

The Sightings
In 1969 three U.S. Marines claimed to have sighting three, naked, fur covered, flying female figures soar over their outpost, these creatures were later dubbed the Vietnamese Night Flyers.

The Stats (Where applicable)

Classification: Avian
Size: 5 foot tall
Weight: Unknown
Diet: Unknown
Location: South Vietnam
Movement: Flight
Environment: Unknown